Marcegaglia expands its range of carbon steel flat products

April 17, 2020

Marcegaglia expands its range of carbon steel flat products

Marcegaglia is expanding its range of carbon steel flat products, adding new grades to an already wide range of steels, able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, and confirming themselves as a benchmark company in the steel market.

Further details about the new range of Marcegaglia carbon steel flat products:

  • The introduction of strips of hot rolled low alloy steel in accordance with EN 10149-2 at high yield points for cold forming in a wider range of qualities from S280MC up to S550MC with the possibility to provide tolerances of very narrow thickness compared to EN 10051.
  • The expansion of the cold rolled range with the introduction of steel with an aptitude for enamelling by vitrification, in accordance with EN 10209 in the EK1 and EK4 grades.
  • The expansion of the range of semi-finished steels for magnetic use according to the needs of a market increasingly concerned with energy efficiency. Marcegaglia, as well as producing all the grades in EN 10341, has introduced an even higher performing grade of steel than M340-50K: this is the new M310-50K grade, which further reduces the energy consumed by the electrical motors on which it is to be used.
  • The addition of new grades to the range of strips for hot dip galvanisation intended for structural use, currently available from S220GD to S550GD with zinc coating up to Z600.
  • The development, primarily but not solely for the automotive industry, of galvanised HCT780X (DP800) for which Marcegaglia is the only Italian manufacturer. Marcegaglia is also able to supply this product, which refers to EN 10346, in the HCT490X and HCT590X grades.
  • The introduction of Bake-Hardening, with the galvanised HX220BD grade, again in the interest of the automotive industry, just for use on unseen details.
  •  The introduction of multiple types of steel, confirming Marcegaglia as the benchmark supplier  for the automotive industry and adopting the denominations assigned by these manufacturers.
  • The development of a series of Marcegaglia branded steels with personalised details depending on their intended use, showing themselves to be ever attentive to those clients who express more restrictive or different technical requirements, compared to European standards. Among these, for example, is DC01-RTF which is identified as a cold rolled product with improved flatness and internally controlled stress, specified in particular by those manufacturing shelving or where the flatness of the surface is an important requirement.


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