Marcegaglia among the 2020 Global Awards for Steel Excellence winners

July 27th, 2020

Marcegaglia among the 2020 Global Awards for Steel Excellence winners

On the occasion of the “2020 Global Awards for Steel Excellence” sponsored by Fastmarkets, Marcegaglia Ravenna presented itself with 5 applications in three different categories, thanks to two innovative projects: Tensil Pro and Smart Line. The first was conceived and developed entirely by Marcegaglia Ravenna, the second is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Fives.

The award ceremony took place on 24 July, in connection from New York.

Marcegaglia Ravenna won for “Best Operational Improvements” while the duo Fives + Marcegaglia won for “Information Technology Services“.

These awards are the result of the strategic role that Research and Development has taken on in the Marcegaglia Group in recent years, focused on the continuous improvement of processes and the development of innovative solutions. For five years, an R&D structure has been implemented in the Ravenna plant, based on skills from bodies of excellence, which supports process engineering for the improvement of the production area and researches product solutions customized to customer needs.

Tensil Pro is an online detection system for the mechanical characteristics of materials. It was created to improve product quality and process efficiency. Tensil Pro is applied to all metallic materials, all magnetic and non-magnetic steels, to aluminum or copper alloys, starting from the hot rolling process.

Smart Line, on the other hand, was born from the collaboration between Marcegaglia and Fives, from the combination of Tensil Pro and Fives’ great experience in industrial automation. Smart Line integrates all the coil transformation production processes starting from hot rolling up to the finished product.

Tensil Pro and Smart Line allow to improve production costs thanks to energy saving and productivity increase, to obtain a greater homogeneity of mechanical characteristics (in particular for the automotive sector), to study quality and process trends as they vary of the input material (to alleviate the differences between the different supplies, steel makers).

Watch the video of the award ceremony on Marcegaglia TV.

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